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Print & Mail Pressure Seal Equipment Options

Commander's line of PS Mailers pressure seal/folding equipment will work for organizations of any size. Choose from processing speeds of 1,800 per hour to over 10,000 per hour. Backed by reliable, easy to use warranty and service agreements, including optional onsite service.

Model Description
PSM1800 The latest addition to the PS Mailers family. Built on patented and proven technology, the new PSM1800 makes pressure seal a viable option for the smallest of offices. Organizations processing as few as 9,000 documents per year can cost justify the PSM1800.
PSM3000 The PSM3000 is an integrated folder/sealer with a processing throughput of 3,000 documents per hour. This affordable desktop solution is a good fit for the small office looking to streamline their document processing. An optional six-digit counter is available.
PSM5000 The PSM5000 delivers unparalleled value to the pressure seal market. Ideal for small to midrange users, it includes an integrated conveyor output system to maintain document processing order. A digital counter with a batch-counting mode is provided for accurate record-keeping and document processing. The robust duty cycle, combined with the unique bottom feed system, enables maximum return on your investment dollars!
PSM7000 The PSM7000 is an integrated folder/sealer with an impressive 7,000 sheets per hour to satisfy even the tightest deadlines. The integrated conveyor output system helps move your forms in a seamless paper stream, while maintaining processing order. The user-friendly, robust 75,000/month duty cycle makes the PSM7000 attractive to medium volume, mid-sized organizations.
PSM10K Offering an extended 36" conveyor and operating at 10,000 documents per hour, the PSM10K is ideal for organizations with high-volume output requirements with a duty cycle of 125,000 per month.
Print & Mail Accessory for HP Printers
PTM 4300 The Print & Mail Accessory attaches directly to the HP LaserJet 4000 Series of printers, including the 4015, 4100, 4250, 4350 (and more) for seamless document processing at speeds of 2,500 to 3,000 per hour. Duty cycle is 10,000 pages a month.

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