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Print & Mail Pressure Seal Forms

Below are the basic styles of Print & Mail pressure seal forms that provide you with virtually unlimited options for your various business applications.

A. Even Z-Fold - Z fold is our most popular style because it only requires printing on one side. Even Z-Fold converts into 3 equal panels, all printing on one side. The bottom panel becomes the face of outgoing mailing. Available with remittance coupons and return envelopes. 11" or 14"

B. Eccentric (Uneven) Z-Fold - Same as above, plus more space inside the mailer for your message/data. Folds into 2 larger panels and a smaller bottom panel for the outgoing mailing. 11" or 14"

C. C-Fold - This style provides more print area but does require duplex printing or windows. 11"

D. V-Fold - Same as C Fold. Great for direct mail and advertising campaigns. 11"

Other Styles Available

14" Z-Fold with Extended Stub - This style is for companies who want a copy of their check to attach to the paid invoice.

14" Z-Fold with Return Envelope - This is a two-way mailer with a built-in return envelope for billing forms, surveys, marketing campaigns, etc., anything you want returned to you without your customer having to find or address an envelope.

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