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Direct Mail Marketing/QR Codes/pURLS (personalized URL's

Direct mail is a more efficient and cost effective medium than TV or radio for reaching target markets “one-on-one” due to its four special strengths:

1. The ability to pinpoint customers and to personalize the mailing with variable data

2. The use of coupons, magnets or samples keeps your message in view much, much longer than any 30 second commercial

3. The ability to obtain valuable feedback via surveys and questionnaires

4. The ability to measure response rates of different mail piece designs and offers

Commander Printed Products can help you to reach your target audience through a well planned direct mail marketing program:

  • We can manage and integrate every aspect of your mailing project, regardless of size or complexity.
  • We are up-to-date on the latest postal rules & regulations for first class, standard (bulk mail), and non-profit mailings. Click Here
  • We can help you keep costs down while increasing your response rates.
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