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Pressure Sealed Forms & Checks (print & mail)

The pressure seal system is quickly replacing many traditional envelope mailings. This unique process allows you to create the information document and the outgoing envelope from just one sheet of paper.

By switching to pressure seal, you can eliminate the need for envelope storage, stuffing time, and errors in mailing, not to mention the ecological impact of less wasted paper (by eliminating the envelope). Pressure seal is ideal for payroll, accounts payable, tax forms and any one-way notification. In addition, special designs may be used to create a return envelope as well.

How It Works:
After a document is laser printed in your office, it is folded in a special machine that seals the document using pressure sensitive glue. The document folds onto itself creating an outgoing piece of mail without using a separate envelope. No heat or water is necessary in the sealing process. To open the document simply tear off the perforated edges.

Additional Applications:
Grade reports, class schedules, account activity notices, notice of cancellation, benefits summary, policy changes, checks, statements, credit/debit memos, reservation confirmation, shut off notices, refund checks, rebate checks, direct deposit notices, and order acknowledgments.

Available Formats:

  • Cut sheet or continuous
  • 8 1/2 x 11 or 8 1/2 x 14
  • Standard C, V, Z fold available for Simplex or Duplex printing
  • Remoistenable glue for a return envelope and diecut windows with glassine patch are available
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