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Lenticular Postcards give “motion” to you promotions

Lenticular postcards use motion and animation, not just one still image. They scream for attention and stand out in a crowded mailbox. They are truly memorable, with incredible staying power and engage the publics attention for a long time. The result is greater brand recall. In fact, recent research shows that lenticular printing attracts attention to the tune of six times more than that of a conventional print advertisement.

The 4 lenticular options are:
1. Motion: The motion effect is achieved with a series of frames (4 to 10) of a photographed or illustrated action. (Example: a moving car, or person engaged in a sports activity.)
2. 3D: Adds a powerful visual depth and dimension to a postcard. Grabs their attention and won’t let go!
3. Zoom: The zoom effect gives the illusion of an image “zooming” toward the observer.
4. The most common lenticular postcard is the “Before & After” card with two photo images that flip back and forth. For example, a worldwide relief organization could use this effect to show how their donations are achieving positive results: The first photo shot might show a poor family in Eastern Europe and their barren land. Flip it, and in the next shot they’re holding colorful vegetables they have gown using donated seed. Click here to see a sample

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