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Inventory Management and Warehousing

Tired of finding out too late that invoices or payroll checks were never reordered? Are you throwing out expensive brochures because they become outdated too quickly? Are you wasting expensive storage space on forms and other printed materials? Let Commander Printed Products provide inventory management for your forms, labels, marketing materials, and promotional items.

Five ways Commander’s print inventory management can save you money:

1. Commander’s onsite and offsite warehouses are available to store your printed items at a minimal charge. There is no longer any need to use your expensive office space for printing storage.

2. Now you can take advantage of large quantity printing discounts because you won’t be restricted by storage limitations.

3. You will receive monthly reports listing the quantities of all your items in storage. When a release is required, your e-mail, phone call or fax message will get your shipment on its way, usually within 24 hours. We can also split your orders and drop ship to your satellite offices, saving your staff the time and cost of repacking and reshipping.

4. You’ll also have access to our “ship & bill” service (minimum order of $1,000.00). Order your printed items in large quantities for better pricing, but you pay only for the amount shipped when released from our warehouse. (See agreement for details.) This service, along with our monthly inventory reports, ensures you’ll never run out of forms. Also, the hassle and expense of rush orders will be avoided.

5. Our “Forms Bank” service is available to store your most vital business forms and checks to help you quickly recover from a flood, fire or earthquake disaster.

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