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Integrated Forms (with Labels or Cards)

Combine a Form with an I.D. Card, Label, or Magnet
By using integrated construction you can print two (or more) items simultaneously resulting in increased efficiency and lower printing cost overall. For instance, an application form can be printed along with a health plan I.D. card, a membership or identification card, or a season pass.

Integrated Card and Form Combination

Applications: membership cards, identification cards, frequent buyer “loyalty” cards, season passes, and health plan I.D. cards.

• Single ply card & carrier
  Lay-flat construction for smooth processing, plus more sheets will fit into feed tray

• One-step print production
  Cost effective manufacturing method assures print registration of form and card, plus consistent ink color match of both   items

• Durable card material
  Material is moisture and tear resistant, which means fewer replacements

• Special card coating
  Provides excellent toner adhesion and durable printed image

• No perforated ties holding card
  Quick and easy to remove; no ragged edges


Integrated Label(s) and Form Combination

Applications: picking, packing, shipping, invoicing, production tickets, inventory systems, barcode tracking, parking decals, product I.D., repair tickets.

CASE HISTORY: Santa Barbara-Based Mail Order Catalog Company

• Product: Laser label/form document for smooth processing through laser printers.

• Application: A combination packing slip/shipping label, plus a return authorization form with a pressure sensitive return address label.

• Usage: Orders are received from customers around the country then processed at the warehouse & distribution center. The packing list and the shipping label are the printed on a laser printer. The items are then packed, the “built-in” pressure-sensitve shipping label is applied to the package, the remaining packing slip is inserted, and then the product is shipped.

Should the customer wish to return the product, the return instructions are printed on the reverse side along with a pressure-sensitive bar coded return label on the front of the form, to be applied to the returning package.

Benefits: Combines four functions into one format, reducing both the chance of error and overall costs.

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