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Packaging Options for Your Imprinted Apparel: How to “Dress Up” Your Gift Presentation

Why should you have your apparel packaged?
•  One of the basic reasons is to keep it clean. T-shirts displayed in a bar will be protected from smoke. Race jackets sold at dirt tracks will not be soiled by dust, or by dirt (if dropped on the ground).
•  Packaging delivers a higher perceived value to your end user because it appears to be more “retail.”
•  Packaging, or polybagging, makes it easier to distribute apparel whether at a trade show or when it’s being shipped to multiple locations.
•  Custom packaging gives you an opportunity to express an additional message. You may want a discreet company logo on the shirt, but if you’re promoting a new product or service, you can relay a completely different or more extensive message on, or in, the packaging.
•  Common packaging options can include folding and poly bagging, hang-tagging, belly bands with stickers, or wrapping shirts in custom ribbon.
•  Another great way to dress up an apparel presentation is with boxes and bags. We offer stock and custom boxes and bags along with wrapping paper, tissue paper, and other attractive stuffing materials. Most items can be screenprinted, hot stamped or embossed with your logo.
•  You can also purchase empty paint cans and create custom-designed labels to go on the cans. Do a direct-mail program where the first piece is a paint can opener followed by the “paint can” arriving the next day.

For the ultimate impression, try compressed T-shirts:
•  A sub sandwich chain compressed their T-shirts into a sub sandwich shape and wrapped it in company logo tissue paper.
•  A soft drink beverage company had their T-shirts compacted into a 20-oz. soda bottle shape.
•  Compressed shirts give you the opportunity to include another message with the shirt. A card insert shows through the package, and that really transforms it from a promotional T-shirt to a marketing piece. You can include information about your company, product lines and services, plus you can add business-reply cards or coupons.

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