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Convention Hotel In-Room Promotions

Once the trade show attendees arrive in town you have some unique opportunities to reach your intended audience. The clever exhibitors will go to the effort of arranging with show hotels to deliver daily bulletins, invitations and promotional products to the rooms of guests registered through the convention. This approach offers a creative way of getting the favorable attention of hard-to-reach VIPs.

Under-the-door flyers
Print up a flyer that entices show attendees to your booth (offer show specials, promotional giveaways, live demos, etc.). Ask the hotels to distribute these flyers under the doors of trade show guests between midnight and 6 a.m. the day the show opens, so attendees get it right before they enter the show.

In-Room gifts
Have the hotel deliver a small box of chocolates imprinted with your logo to the attendee’s room. Other useful products available with your logo are water-filled bottles, toothbrushes, breath mints, and snack food. You can also give away free literature bags with your logo and create an army of “walking billboards” for your company on the show floor. Plastic soft loop handle bags are an excellent choice since they are inexpensive and the comfortable soft strap handles make carrying heavy loads easy.

Customized hotel keycards
While attending a trade show, you (and all the other show attendees) are likely to look at your card five to ten times a day. So, why not put that “viewing time” to good use at your next show? Commander Printed Products can make hotel keycards imprinted with your logo or sales slogan. Usually available as a sponsorship through show management, custom keycards can deliver your message to attendees countless times throughout the show.

Note: For all of these promotion methods, you usually need to get permission from show management to approach the official show hotel(s). Show management usually requests to see a copy of any materials first before authorizing your arrangement with the hotels. Remember to add time to your planning schedule for this approval time.

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