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How to Maximize the Value of Promotional Products at Your Next Trade Show

First, the Wrong Way
Typically, exhibitors place piles of trinkets and giveaways on tables as a way to attract people to the booth. This creates a “hit-and-run” behavior where people cruise the aisles, filling their bags with anything that they can grab. This draws the least qualified prospects to your booth and distracts your salespeople by having them hand out giveaways instead of attending to the needs of serious customers or prospects.

Now, the Right Way
Something given — not taken — is much more valuable. Simply putting items out where attendees can walk by and take them with no other interaction with the exhibitor is a waste of money. So, avoid displaying the giveaways out front. Keep better quality items under the counter and present them as a token of appreciation at the close of the conversation. Giveaways should be used as a way to thank the person for visiting and to show that you value their interest and time.

Finally, if possible, tie your giveaways to some form of registration (via mail or in-booth) in order to guarantee the quality of respondents. Even the best targeted promotions draw from a relatively general audience of show visitors. Qualifying show visitors is easy if they are asked to complete simple questionnaires in order to receive a free gift.

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