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Mailing Tips to Boost Pre-Show Results and Response

Always send at least three announcements to your best prospects
Create a list of the top 100 people you want to visit your exhibit and send them three pre-show mailings starting at two months out. Follow with a mailing at four weeks out and the final mailing one week before the show.

As part of your three-stage mailing, consider sending a postcard
Research shows that postcards can be read by five other people besides the person they are addressed to. Plus, they are quick, easy reads that are excellent ways to reinforce and remind prospects to visit your exhibit. (Click Here* for postcard benefits and info.)

Avoid using standard (bulk rate) mail
Many mailings are sent bulk rate to save postage but often they aren’t delivered in time before the show. This usually means a big loss for the well-intentioned mailer. The moral: Be sure to allow sufficient time for your mailing to reach your audience before they leave for the show or mail first class instead. If you’re already spending thousands of dollars to attend a show, why not spend a bit more for first class postage to ensure the VIP’s you want to see will be at the show.

Avoid using standard #10 business-size envelopes
Ninety-five percent of all mail arrives in #10 envelopes. Use a smaller or larger size (or square shape) — it will differentiate your mailing.

Use a “teaser” on the outside of the envelope
For example: “Your information for the National Widget Manufacturers Show is enclosed*

Use a call-for-action device
Research identifies that coupons or redeeming certificates for a gift increases response rate by 11 percent or more at
trade shows.

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