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Post Show Follow-Up

To appreciate the importance of post-show activities, think back to the last trade show you attended. You probably talked with 50 to 100 suppliers, saw hundreds of booths and were exposed to thousands of new products and services. By the time you got back to work they had already begun blending together. That’s why it’s often the post-show communication that pushes your overall marketing effort over the top. Remember, the trade show does not end until the follow-up is completed.

So, don’t waste both time and money hosting a trade show booth without a plan for proper follow up. Prepare a strict schedule and then follow up quickly. People usually return from trade shows excited about what they’ve seen.
Capitalize on it!

People usually respond well to personalized follow-up. Therefore, regardless of the promotional product used in post-show mailings, a small personal note or thank you card accompanying it will generally make the recipient recall and value the relationship all the more. (If the post-show promotional product is also personalized, all the better.) A call immediately following the show to say the materials and a gift are on the way can also add impact. Another good approach is using the gift to secure a face-to-face sales appointment.

Additionally, the post-show promotional message ought to summarize the business solutions you presented at the show. In this way it serves to reinforce the message to those who attended the show and educate others from the same company who did not.

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