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Successful Pre-Show Mailing Campaign Case Histories

Who Knew a Kazoo or Two Would Create Such a Zoo?
Several years ago, the Judi Instructo Corp. was planning to introduce its new line of children’s furniture at a trade show in New Orleans. The goal was to get as many of the top designated prospects attending the show to stop at the booth to review the line.

The company decided to send a letter to their prospects explaining the benefits of stopping at the booth, including the chance to enter a contest. The theme of the promotion was “We’re Tooting Our Horn” to tie in with New Orleans’ jazz heritage. The letter was mailed in a padded envelope along with a contest entry form and an imprinted kazoo. The letter explained that if the recipient stopped at the booth and played the kazoo, they would be given a gift and entered in the contest for free meals at three of New Orleans’ best restaurants.

Did it work? You bet it did! Maybe a little too well, in fact, It seems that the Judi Instructo booth continually had people standing around playing their kazoos, much to the distraction of the surrounding exhibitors. The final count: 49 of the 50 prospects registered at the booth.

If It’s Brass, They Won’t Pass!
One company sent its top trade show prospects a mailer that offered a free brass business card holder with the prospects’ initials on it. All they had to do was fill in their initials on a return postcard, mail it back, and show up at the booth to pick up their gift. Of course, when the many prospects came to pick up the gift, they were offered a tour of the booth, and a new product demo.

A Recipe for Success
A cooking theme for trade shows has always been popular. One company mailed a large window envelope with a pot holder clearly visible inside, increasing the likelihood the mailing would be opened. The pot holder was printed with food/cooking utensil graphics and the statements “We have the Key Ingredient in Your Recipe for Success!” and “Stop By and See our Sizzling Hot Ideas” plus “Mention this Pot Holder and Receive a Free Gift!”

Booth staff members were dressed in theme, wearing aprons and chef hats. Chocolate-covered pretzels were made in the booth and served to attendees. Other giveaways included fruit and vegetable-shaped stress relievers with the “Your Recipe for Success” imprint.

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