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Why Do a Pre-Show Mailing?

A pre-show promotion is about letting the right people know you’re going to be at a trade show. Visitors are spending less time on trade show floors, so it is absolutely essential for you, as an exhibitor, to give attendees a compelling reason to visit your booth. Almost 75 percent of attendees set a plan and have a “must-see” list before they come to a show, so it’s critical for companies to do pre-show promotions to get on those lists. This is especially important if you’re a first-time exhibitor or if you don’t have a great booth location. Utilize promotional items as incentives to pique interest and enhance recall.

Sending letters inviting attendees to visit your booth is not enough. We strongly recommend setting up specific appointments with top prospects. Often, if you haven’t been able to get an appointment with someone at his or her office, they’ll agree to met you at the show since you’re both going to be there anyway.

To ensure that the VIPs are anxious to stop by, use a dimensional mailing or gift to get their attention. Personalize it from the individual who wants to talk to them. Add an offer of an additional gift to be picked up at the exhibit. Follow up with a call and have your salesperson schedule an exhibit “appointment” at the show to fit that VIP’s schedule.

Commander Printed Products specializes in attention-getting mailing pieces. Using fun and unusual packaging, we can create unique invitations for sales meetings, conferences and pre-trade show promotions.

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